Milos is very rich in minerals of all types such as Bentonite, Kaolin, Perlite, Pozzolan, Sulphur, Barites, Gypsum and the relatively rare Obsidian, a jet-black type of quartz.  The formation of these minerals dates back to volcanic activity millions of years ago when gases and fluids condensed from the very high temperatures of the geothermal field. The mineral resources are a big money earner in the international market and their exportation is of great importance for the population of Milos. There are several mines on Milos, and on the neighboring island of Kimolos, but for the most part they are practically inconspicuous to the visitor. With a good hire car it is possible to visit the mines in the centre of the island using the roads made by the mining company but visitors should give way to, and take care to avoid, the large trucks. Examples of the many colorful stones make ideal souvenirs of your visit to Milos but beware airlines only allow 20Kg of baggage.

The island's mining companies have opened a new museum in the port of Adamas. It is definitely worth a visit as it explains the many varieties of minerals together with a history of its extraction.
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