Visitors who wish to admire the Mediterranean flora of Milos should come to the island in winter or spring. The first rains usually arrive in October or November followed everywhere by budding lilac and crocus. In December small wild cyclamen flower in the mountains that we pick for our window boxes. Sometimes it is also possible to find wild orchids such as Lady's Slipper. In January we find violets flowering at the sides of the roads, in the fields and on the hillsides. February brings the beautiful purple blossoms of anemones and pink and white zartillas. These will flower to almost the end of March when they will be replaced by yellow marguerite daisies that provide a profusion of colors when mixed with the red poppies. There are many other varieties of flowers and plants, too numerable to list here, that can be found all over the island. A visit to Milos through the quiet autumn, winter and spring months will give a lot of pleasure to lovers of nature's offerings. Brigitte and Andreas apartments are open all year round and they would be pleased to show visitors around the flora of Milos.

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