Milos has over fifty golden beaches with clear, shining turquoise water, so inviting for a swim. Most of these are accessible by road or footpath and it is possible to discover a new unspoilt beach every day. The visitor should use the local roadmap on which most of the beaches are clearly marked. Here are some pictures of Milos beaches and note the number of people present.

apollonia1.jpg (9125 octets) KreativStrand.jpg (75571 octets) mylos7.jpg (9387 octets)
StrandPollonia-2.jpg (39905 octets) StrandHivadolomni.jpg (54760 octets) StrandSchwefel.jpg (33399 octets)
artemis2_.jpg (80949 octets) p46.jpg (32649 octets) DSCN0315.JPG (29419 octets)

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