Milos offers a lot of scope for filling your photo album, some that need to be searched for. A tip: at every kiosk you will find many postcards showing views of the island. Buy a few for your friends and then try and find the location from where the photographer took the pictures. There are illustrated guides to Milos in most languages that contain useful road maps. A hire car, moped, scooter, motor cycle car or jeep is recommended to explore the island. Here are some of the most popular sights of Milos. You will find the others!
0039_83.jpg (19830 octets) port.jpg (63788 octets) 0049_75.JPG (20260 octets)
Katakombes.jpg (49514 octets) Adamas-3.jpg (17044 octets) Mandrakia.jpg (58181 octets)
apollonia1.jpg (9125 octets) Tripiti-1.gif (95033 octets) Plaka.jpg (243923 octets)
sarakiniko.jpg (58879 octets) mylos5.jpg (18509 octets) mylos6.jpg (14164 octets)

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