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Like Santorini, Milos was created by volcanic activity, but it is less spectacular. Most tourists ignore that large island of the western Cyclades, so they miss the opportunity to view impressive colored rocks, hot thermal springs and over 50 idyllic beaches. Lots of these beaches are only reachable from the seaside, so the best idea is to rent a small boat an go from beach to beach. Archaeological excavations show that Milos was already populated in the middle stone age. The famous Venus of Milos was created during the later Hellenistic epoch. The original statue is placed in the Louver museum in Paris; the local museum in Milos only shows a copy.

Milos Municipal Tourist Office Opposite the ferry quay, Adamas, Tel. 22870 22 445



2) Travel agency directly at the port of Piräus
3)   Travel agency directly at the port of Milos (Adamas)  

4)   Studios and Apartments in the idyllic fishing village of Pollonia on the island of Milos

5) Diving around Milos:  
     Active Divers   email:         
     GoDive         email: ,
     Milos Sea Club

During the main season Olympic Airways offers a flight two times a day from Athens (61 €, 45 min.). From Piraeus there leaves two times a day a regular car ferry (16 €, 6-8 hours) and one time an high speed car ferry (30 €, 4 hours). Two times a week there is also the possibility to come to Milos from Crete (Agios Nikolaos and Sitia, 14,80 €, 10 hours).


Below the village of Tripiti (signposted), Mo 12-19, Tu-Su 8-19 h.
In the 2nd century, when Christianity was strictly prohibited, the deceased were buried secretly in caves that were made in the soft tuff. Therefore the costline looks like a Swiss Cheese.

About 5 km north-west from Adamas. Traditional village with small white houses, shady alleys and an impressive view over the sea. In the Archaeological Museum (Tu-Su 8.30-15 h) a copy of the nearly 2000 years old Venus of Milos is shown.

Mining Museum Adamas
Tel. 22870 22 481 Mo-Su. 9-14 and 18-19 Uhr, free entry. Provides information's about volcanic activities, mineral resources and the mining tradition of Milos, where minerals like bentonite, perlite, kaoline und baryte are mined. The new museum is located directly at the promenade pier.

Milos Festival
At the first weekend in July. People cook, eat, drink, make music (jazz!) and dance together. The festival is celebrated in the Ancient Theatre near the catacombs.

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